I’m back! 

So it has been a long time since my last raw thoughts and I’ll be candid with you all it hasn’t been easy. 

I needed to take time to find my passions and get my priorities straight again and while it hasn’t been easy I am happy to say I am on the right track again. 

I let myself down a lot these past few months. It was sad to see how I had all this drive in January and it just dwindled. 

I am my biggest critic and the second things get tough I don’t know how to keep myself going. I look at everything as failure instead of lessons learned.

But with all that said I’m working hard to become the driven motivated person I was back in January and I can’t wait to take you all on my journey! 

I’ll have a new blog post up next week.

Thank you for all the support! 


5 thoughts on “I’m back! 

  1. You need to learn to see obstacles or challenges, not as failures, but as learning experiences. I know, I know, I would have laughed and shrugged that off a year ago as “new age, cliche buzz words” but i can tell you it isn’t. It does work. And I was one of the biggest sceptics of them all. If you have time and energy, scan my posts from the last 10 months – I know you read my most recent post – thank you 😊
    I have only read 2-3 of your posts but I think we are a lot alike, so maybe the journey I’ve done can help or motivate you too? I ignored my depression for 20+ years, because where I come from that’s what you do. You are at the age I was when I started struggling- don’t make the mistakes I did… deal with it and learn to live with it. The sooner the better. Don’t lose 20 years like I did… but from what I’ve read, you are on the right track and you won’t!! ❤


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