Deep Down We Know 

Why do people live a life of mediocrity? 

The little girl who wanted to be an astronaut is now a bank teller

The boy who knew he would be in the NFL one day is the store manager of a retail store

But then the little girl and boy grew up and the world started filling their minds with no

“Do something more practical”

“This job is secure”

“If you fail you will have to start over when you’re older and you’ll never make it”

Why does the world tell us when we are young that we can achieve our dreams and accomplish anything but then when we grow old enough to make our dreams a reality, our dreams are suddenly impractical?

“What do you want to do in the future?” 

“I want to be a performer” 

“That’s great! But you’re majoring in something else right in case it doesn’t work out?” 

Replace performer with your own dream and I’m sure it’s probably a conversation that’s not too unfamiliar 

 I believe those that try to shoot down your dreams are those who didn’t have the courage to pursue theirs

Because deep down we all know, we know we are capable of anything, we know we can be the astronauts, and the presidents, and the performers, but we don’t know how to

Or we are scared to 

I know I could be famous one day

Sounds a little arrogant right? 

We perceive people sometimes who are confident in themselves and their abilities to accomplish their dreams as arrogant 

And it’s because deep down we know that we could be just as confident… 

When we are young our dreams have no barrier in our mind, there’s nothing stopping us from living them

But the more and more people tell you don’t do this, this is a better plan the more we build up that wall and when those people who told you you couldn’t are long gone our mental wall stopping us from achieving our dreams is higher than ever 

Some people never build that wall 

Some people build it and knock it down 

Some people live with it their whole lives

I refuse to be the person telling other people not to follow their dreams because I was scared to follow mine

All humans have potential for greatness, some just never seek to find it

So I challenge you:

What was that dream you had as a child? The thing where if all odds were in your favor you’d be happy doing for the rest of your life?

Find that thing and do it because it’s never too late.

Know that you can be great and you can be happy, really happy not a happiness tinged with regret 

Believe this. 

And it will happen. 


9 thoughts on “Deep Down We Know 

  1. While I do agree with you in general, that it is good to follow your dreams, if you are absolutely sure that you are good enough at doing “whatever your dream is”… I must admit I am quite happy that I didn’t follow my own dream and instead listened to the advice of older and more experienced people, and went with a “safe” career instead. My dream is still to be a published author and write novels for a living. But if I look at myself objectively, and at the extreme competiton when it comes to making it as an author in to days world, I have realized that I do not have the skills or talent to make that dream come true. I still think it is a beautiful daydream to have, in my life (which is a pretty boring life). For me, that means not giving up a dream, but instead, having the dream as a little background movie in my head, while at the same time having a realistic view of myself and my abilities. For me, that is ok, I find that part of growing up and maturing, is to sometimes let go of dreams that are in fact not possible to achieve in reality.

    I dont mean to be a wet blanket, I just wanted to offer the perspective that a person can still have an “okay” life, even if the person wasn’t talented enough to make their “dream” a reality. I still like the inspiring tone of your post! 😊

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    • I completely understand where you’re coming from and I like that you offered a different view on this, everyone is different..Someone on a tape I listened to said “talent comes naturally, skill is developed from hours and hours of beating on your craft” I believe that if someone put everything they have into their unrealistic dream so to speak that it can happen, but doing that is a lot of risks.. It could take years, there could be a lot of failure that’s hard to overcome, and I see how many people would find more happiness in having their “Dream as a day dream” as you say and picking a career with less trials and tribulations that they still enjoy! And that’s completely okay! I just think that if the fear of failing is what is stopping people from achieving their dreams instead of the reality of the situation then that is something that should be overcome! But thank you again for your take on this and for reading 🙂

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  2. I love the fact you challenged people to revisit their childhood dream, as many of us have placed those dreams and even our adult dreams on the back burner. This reminds me that the true battle is really all in the mind, and we can either add bricks to the wall that separates us from our dream or we can take them away..sometimes one by one or bulldoze, either way they fall!
    Excellent post!


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